Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.  If you would like to know more please click here to make contact with us.

  • What are collectable coins? What is Numismatics?

    Numismatics is the study and collection of coins and currency items. A collectable coin can be anything – from Ancient coins of thousands of years ago, to a freshly minted silver coin commemorating an important anniversary.
  • Are numismatic coins only for collectors?

    Definitely not. Coins are for everyone! Most numismatic items are a direct link to history – gold sovereigns for instance – or commemorate a theme that is identifiable by everybody – Melbourne Mint’s own Ned Kelly coin, for example.
  • Can I purchase new versions of Australia’s circulating coins from the Mint?

    Yes. Melbourne Mint offers the Australian Unc Coin Set – which unites Uncirculated coins – and the Australian Proof Coin Set, featuring high quality Proof versions of Australia’s circulating coinage.
  • What is Australia’s rarest coin?

    There is much conjecture over the rarest Australian coin. However, it is often said to be the 1930 Penny. Perhaps 1500 examples exist of the mintage that circulated originally BUT only 4-5 examples are known in Proof quality.
  • Will my collectable coins increase in value over time?

    Many collector coins do increase in value but, of course, it is impossible to say for certain whether a coin will increase its worth. There are many factors involved, including collector demand, theme, age, and scarcity. Generally, it is best to collect what you like. If you collect this way, you will always be happy!
  • Can I use a collector coin to purchase goods or services, or cash it in at the bank?

    Technically, yes, you can. Any coins, from any country, have been approved as genuine legal tender currency by the issuing authority within that country. However, usually the metal, the small mintage, the numismatic value, or even the age, make a coin worth much, much more than the currency value assigned to it.
  • I have a coin that I think may be valuable. What should I do?

    Without seeing your coin, it is impossible to provide accurate information. Thus, we recommend contacting a Numismatic dealer, such as Universal Coin Company, to discuss your coin and your options.
  • What was Australia’s first ever coin?

    Australia’s first ever local coinage were the Holey Dollars and Dumps. Created in an effort to keep currency in the colony in 1813, these two coins were created by punching the centre out of a Spanish Silver dollar. The ring-shaped outer was declared to be worth 5 Shillings and the centre (the dump) decreed as 15 pence. Legal Tender status was removed from these coins in 1829 and many of them were subsequently melted down for the silver content. Today, existing examples of these coins are quite rare and command very high prices.
  • What was the first coin produced at the Melbourne Mint?

    In 1872, upon opening, the Melbourne Mint struck its first coin – a gold sovereign. In 1916, the Melbourne Mint also issued the first official National Currency coins to be struck within Australia, beginning with a 1916 shilling on January 11th of that year.
  • What is the difference between circulating and uncirculated coins?

    Circulating coins are struck in very high volumes and as quickly as possible. These are the coins that you find in your change every day. The term “Uncirculated” is used to describe a perfect, untouched, Mint-State version of a circulating coin. They are literally uncirculated. Additionally, coins struck specifically for collectors to a slightly better quality than circulation issues are also declared to be in Uncirculated condition.
  • What is a Proof Coin?

    Traditionally, like printing proofs, Proof coins were struck to examine the success or failure of a design before executing the larger minting run. In modern times, the term Proof refers to a higher quality minting process that creates collector coins of a special high quality.
  • How much is a troy ounce?

    A troy ounce is the equivalent of 31.1 grams.
  • Is my personal information secure?

    Our website guarantees the security of your transaction through the use of Eway – thus none of your financial information is retained online or saved by us following Checkout. What’s more, Melbourne Mint will not ever, for any reason, sell or provide your details to a Third Party.